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We can’t hide it anymore. Pen Island Brewing Company in Beaver, Pennsylvania would like to proudly introduce you to our Head Brewmaster, Raymond Gene Bonaire IV.


As a distinguished member of one of Pennsylvania’s most upstanding families, Raymond Gene Bonaire IV has been around Beaver all his life and comes from a long line of Ray Gene Bonaires.


Owning much of the forested land in Beaver, The Bonaire Family rose to prominence during the early days of the industrial revolution, supplying local businesses with much needed wood for erecting buildings and warehouses.


As an adolescent, Raymond developed into quite the philanthropist, going from town to town offering his wood to anyone who was willing to accept it.      


His giving nature would also endear him to his female classmates in high school, where he was a very gifted athlete, competitive in Olympic sports including javelin, fencing and pole vaulting. Demonstrating remarkable skill and dexterity, he gravitated to other stick sports such as hockey, billiards and golf.



Upon graduation, Ray Gene married his high school sweetheart, Anita Hahn. They soon set out to have a large family, having children, sons Harry and Ray Gene V, and daughters Ivana and Sharon A.


Like his father who came before him, Ray Gene Bonaire was exposed to public service during his formidable years. And with blood coursing through his veins, Ray Gene Bonaire IV would thrust himself head first into politics and quickly surged in the polls for mayor.

However, being as young as he was, he had critics. His detractors called him ‘cocky’ and complained about his constant need to have his ego stroked. Others said he simply rubbed them the wrong way and pointed towards his penchant for popping off unexpectedly. But this story has a happy ending.


Undeterred, Ray Gene Bonaire refused to withdraw early and continued on, winning the election in a blowout. He credited Poppa Bonaire for teaching him patience and perseverance.  From there, Ray Gene would go on to serve the maximum of three term limits in office and rise to new heights in popularity before joining the private sector.


Raymond Gene Bonaire IV. A pillar of leadership. A proud member in the Beaver area. And one who will always rise to a challenge and stand tall - even when things get a little hairy.


As Head Brewmaster, we know you’ll certainly enjoy the taste of his passion as he continues the Pen Island Brewing tradition of crafting “Good Beers, Hard On Taste”. 

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